“The foremen realized that they were in trouble when they were told that they had to make the same number of bricks… they met Moses and Aaron, who were waiting for them. They said to Moses and Aaron, ‘The Lord has seen what you have done and will punish you for making the king and his officers hate us”. 

Ex 5:19, 20, 21 GNB 

Very few people respond constructively and creatively when they are “up against it”. When you are expecting one outcome, promising hope and happiness, but instead you meet uphill and even disaster, it is all pretty disastrous. 
That was how Moses found himself. It was also how the Israelite foremen found themselves after Moses had asked Pharaoh to “Let my people go”. Pharaoh increased his production targets and everyone was angry with everyone else. The foremen went for Moses. “Looking at the spiritual message of this sign, we see that the foremen made a fundamental mistake. Pharaoh represents the enemy and he is never reasonable! But even if he did show himself to be reasonable, he is the wrong master. The Israelites should have turned to their new master in prayer. They should have turned to God. Here again we see ourselves; God is usually the last person we turn to for help. He is rarely the first! When people are in distress spiritually they will look for human help – which is not blameworthy. … But how long do they wait before turning to the Lord, our unseen but ever-present friend? God seems to be our last resource, not our first one. The Israelites have to learn that the answer to their terrible plight lies, not with Pharaoh, but with the Lord” (F. Hogan, Words of Life from Exodus, p61,62). 

Lord, always direct me to you when I have problems.