“(Peter) walked away, puzzled, shaking his head”. 

Lk 24:12 EHP 

A student once walked around the university campus wearing a tee shirt with the letters B A I K in bold lettering on both front and back. Asked what the letters stood for, he explained, “It stands for ‘Boy, am I confused?’” “But that’s stupid”, the many questioners added. “You don’t spell ‘confused’ with a K. You spell it with a C”. “Yeah”, he said, “Well that shows just how confused I am”. 
Peter was confused on Easter Day. Anybody would have been, especially after hearing the story told by the people he no doubt considered to be “those hysterical women”. He had watched Jesus die. That was traumatic enough, especially as he experienced guilt after denying that he knew Jesus. He knew that Joseph of Arimathea had carefully buried Jesus’ body, and that Pilate ensured that it was both sealed and guarded. There was no way that anyone could have come and stolen the body. And in any case, who would want to? Yet, when he looked into the tomb it was not there. Only the grave clothes were. That was enough to bring a frown to anyone’s face. Peter had not yet met Jesus alive from the dead. All he knew was that his body had gone and the grave clothes had stayed. Eventually he would meet Jesus. Then his confusion would be over. 
Religion puzzles many people. And sometimes people who seem to understand it also get temporarily confused. If you do, try to find some knowledgeable person who can probably help you to see things a bit more clearly. And keep trying to work things out. Ask God to give you the light of the Holy Spirit. And keep praying. 

Lord, help me to sort out all my mixed-up ideas.