“Moses returned to the Lord and said, ‘O Lord, why have you brought trouble upon this people?’” 

Ex 5:22 NIV 

The old Afro-American spiritual sang, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve see. Nobody knows but Jesus”. Trouble is, like taxes, one of the certainties of life. Some are big troubles, some are small. Some we can cope with. Some break us. The worst is when troubles swamp us, arriving fast and furiously and we start to wonder if we will ever see the end of them. 
The Israelites had known many troubles in Egypt. In fact very little went right. It had almost seemed as if God had forgotten them. And when Moses went to Pharaoh to tell him of God’s command, he responded by increasing the workloads of the Israelites. The people blamed Moses. And Moses queried God, “Why have you brought trouble upon this people?” Trouble was the immediate outcome of Moses request. And Moses was going to encounter many more troubles before his people reached the promised land of Canaan. In one sense God did bring the trouble. He initiated the movement that was going to deprive the Pharaoh of his slaves. But in the end, he brought them out of the trouble and of the slavery. Many times, of course, people bring trouble on themselves. And often trouble comes from other people who wish them harm and deliberately make mischief out of jealousy or in order to get revenge. 
Faith looks at trouble with a view to transforming it into opportunities to serve the Lord, help other people and grow oneself. It is through trouble that we persevere, think more deeply, examine ourselves and dig deeper at the well of faith. And experience Christ bringing us through. 

Lord, bring me through all the trouble that comes my way.