“Look at my hands; look at my feet – it’s really me. Touch me”. 

Lk 24:39 EHP 

Some matters of faith can only be described as “mysteries”. We will never fully understand these things rationally. They are not irrational. But we are so limited that we can only grasp a small fraction of what these mysteries are all about. The sacrament of Holy Communion is one such mystery. 
The resurrection of Jesus is another. Whilst the sight of the empty tomb left Peter speechless and confused, there was more to come. In the evening, whilst the disciples of Jesus were in the Upper Room listening to the two people from Emmaus and their story, Jesus himself came and stood in their midst. The empty tomb was one thing. But now Jesus himself came and spoke to them. They were astounded and frightened. Whatever was happening? Then, to prove that he was real, he showed them his hands and his feet. There were nailprints in his hands, wounds in his feet. As they recognized Jesus by his wounds there was no longer any doubt. This new person was Jesus all right. They could even touch him. New and changed as he was, it certainly wasn’t Pontius Pilate or King Herod or anyone else. There is no record that anyone did touch him. But it proved his identity, that the resurrection was no hoax, nor a concocted story told by deluded women. 
The disciples then grasped the message – even though their knowledge of life was too limited to fathom the whole mystery out all at once. They could see that God was in it all. If you can’t reason out the mystery of the miracle, there is still enough for you to believe as well. 

Lord, help me to know more of your power and love.