“I will take you as my own people”. 

Ex 6:7 NIV

In the world of professional football a trend has started whereby some very rich person buys out a big name club. So the London club, Chelsea, has been bought by a Russian oligarch called Roman Abramovich. He pours millions of pounds into the club to buy players and to pay them inflated salaries. When they win some trophy Abramovich boasts and shares in the glory. With global media coverage owning the club is itself his “trophy”. 
In a remotely similar way God “adopted” Israel. She was hardly a trophy, but he chose her anyway and lavished his love on her. He had made this promise to Abraham five hundred years earlier and now he reminds them of his promise. Amongst all the other meanings that his act of redemption will entail, making them his own people will be one. This will involve drawing them into a more intimate relationship with him than they had previously known and it would mark them with his identity. 
The coming of Jesus Christ and the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost meant that God became, no longer the God of one nation only, but the God of all the earth. It meant that people of all nations were admitted to the global fellowship. From Pentecost onwards it spread outwards, first to Judea and Samaria and then to the furthest parts of the globe. Now people in Paraguy and Poland, New Zealand and Norway, Angola and Austria – all are part of the great community of God’s people. If the Lord was the redeemer of Israel, Jesus Christ is the redeemer of the world. Rejoice that you belong to this great community too. 

Lord, thank you that I belong to your very own people.