“Moses turned to the Lord again”. 

Ex 5:22 GNB

People do different things when they are in trouble. Some just freeze – and do nothing. Some panic and do and say irrational things. Some remain cool, calm and collected. Some look for someone else to blame. Others think up excuses. 
Moses turned to God in prayer. No doubt the years in the desert tending sheep had afforded him ample time to commune with God and to practise the presence of the Lord. People who make a habit of prayer tend to pray more readily when under pressure than those who do not. The enterprise God had guided Moses to embark on was going horribly wrong. Instead of leading his people out of slavery God appeared to be getting them deeper into the mire. Moses was in trouble – from the Pharaoh and now from the people. God was the only one he had to turn to. 
Great men and women of God have followed the example of Moses in all ages, all kinds of Christian faith, and across many countries. The great leader in the American civil war, Abraham Lincoln, said, “I have been driven many time to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go; my own wisdom and that of all around me seemed insufficient for the day” (H.E. Fosdick, The Meaning of Prayer, p6). 
Are you in trouble? Maybe you are facing deep problems in your family relationships, or with your health, with employment (or lack of it), with money – or the scarcity of it – or with anything else? Do not hesitate to turn to God in prayer. Find his power and strength. 

Lord, thank you that I can turn to you when I’m in trouble.