“Very early on Sunday morning the women went to the tomb, carrying the spices they had prepared”. 

Lk 24:1 GNB 

A death in a family comes as a great shock . Even when it has been expected for some time, it is still hard to believe and accept that this person who was alive and talking a little while ago is there no longer. Death is awesome and our first reaction is one of denial – it cannot possibly be true. 
But then there are things to be done. Other family members have to be informed. Arrangements for the funeral have to be made. And domestic preparations for people arriving go ahead. In ancient Israel, they embalmed bodies with natural products – in particular spices. The women associated with Jesus got their act together on the Saturday and as soon as they could – some accounts say it was still dark – they made their way to the tomb where the body of Jesus lay. They wondered who would roll the stone away, but they needn’t have worried at all. It wasn’t there. The stone wasn’t, and the body of Jesus wasn’t either. Few details of the story show that the news they went back with wasn’t just a yarn they had made up. They had gone, not looking for an empty tomb but for a dead body to embalm. They came away having experienced the shock of their lives. He was alive! 
And he is still. Alive with the life of eternity. He is transformed, glorified, renewed. And he communicates with us. This is the greatest story anyone has ever told anyone else. And it is the heart of the gospel that is the Christian message for all time. 

Lord, let the whole world know that you are alive for evermore.