“Now you are going to see what I will do”. 

Ex 6:1 GNB 

Sometimes we look back after an incident and all of a sudden we can see clearly what it was really all about, even though at the time we couldn’t “fit it in”. There might, for example be trouble, or even conflict. Try as we will we can’t fathom out the cause of it all. We keep saying, “It just doesn’t make sense”. Then, usually some time later in talking about it, someone will say, “Well, of course, Mr X has always been a troublemaker behind the scenes, despite being such a smooth person to outward appearances”. Then we say, “Goodness me. I was so blind, I never saw it”. 
Someone has said that when the Lord said to Moses, “You will see what I will do” it was a “Turn your eyes upon Jesus” moment. Instead of being intimidated by Pharaoh or threatened by the foremen and workers, Moses was challenged to look at God, focus on him, and see the bigger scheme. In all situations there are the human dynamics. But in the Bible there is more – the presence and influence of God. That presence not only affects what there has been. It influences what might still happen. The Israelites, having been rebuffed by Pharaoh, may still be helped and rescued by God. He was then, as he is now, a God of surprises. 
Whatever your situation, always reckon with the possibility that God can act in ways you have not yet thought of. Keep your eyes upon Jesus – not just for personal holiness but for insight into the world scene and in order to see him at work. He may be saying, “See what I am going to do”. 

Lord, help me to see your sovereign actions.