“Everything is already yours as a gift – Paul, Apollos, Peter, the world, life, death, the present, the future – all of it is yours”. 

1 Cor 3:21, 22 EHP 

One of the most profound graces repeated before meals is the one that goes, “With all your other gifts, grant us the gift of a grateful heart, O Lord”. All too few people are truly and deeply grateful. A sense of gratitude is one of the really meaningful blessings anyone can have. Some are so given to moaning and complaining at every touch and turn that it becomes a way of life – a permanent mindset. 
In his sorting out of the problems in the church in Corinth Paul suddenly stopped his admonition of the factions being formed and switched to this wonderful expression of encouragement and joy. He was saying, “Stop being fractious by setting Paul, Peter and Apollos against one another. Remember they are God’s gift to you – so too is the whole magnificent world in which you live, life itself with all its wonderful joys and exciting possibilities, even the death you are on the way to experiencing which, with your faith in Christ, becomes a final giving of yourself to him in thanksgiving and triumph. The present that is alive with God and his salvation and love – this is God’s gift too – and the future with all the surprises it holds, the ever-unfolding realization of Christ’s grace and the dawning awareness of God’s final sovereignty in all things”. An ancient snippet of Stoic philosophy had said, “All things belong to the truly wise”. Maybe Paul had that in mind when he wrote these words. 
All things are yours too, Christian disciple. Be grateful and glorify God. Always . 

Lord, with all your other gifts grant me the gift of a grateful heart.