“You are of Christ, and Christ is of God”. 

1 Cor 3:23 NIV 
We live in an age in which faith is questioned and tested with increasing intensity by doubt, skepticism, and atheism. Scientific discoveries are seen to call belief in God into question, and many children grow up discarding the faith of their parents. Nevertheless six out of every seven people on the globe hold some form of religious belief. It is important for Christian believers to affirm their faith in the face of the onslaught of secularism and humanism. 
The early Christians in Corinth had a similar situation, the surrounding cesspool of evil providing stern opposition to any faith that upheld human dignity and morality. Corinth was a meeting point between the nations and cultures of the Mediterranean world. It has been described as the “Vanity Fair” of the ancient world. Only a strong kind of Christian belief would survive the storms of misguided belief and evil practices that held sway in the city. To know that they belonged to Christ and that Christ belonged to God was the anchor that Paul threw to them to enable them to “hold in the storms of life”. “The Christ you believe in”, he was saying, “is more than the carpenter of Galilee, more than the gentle Jesus meek and mild some deem him to be. He was of God. He belonged to God. He was God”. 
You need that kind of faith to anchor you as well. The storms of unbelief and doubt swirl around you every day. People disparage your faith. 
They sneer at the very thought of religion and blame it for every problem the human race faces. But you belong to Christ. And he, not a theory, is of God. 

Lord, let my anchor hold in the storms of life.