“The one thing required of such servants is that they be faithful to their master”. 

1 Cor 4:2 GNB 

Trevor Hudson of Benoni told in one of his books about an occasion when he had been watching television. “Recently I watched a television documentary portraying the remarkable life and ministry of Mother Theresa amongst the suffering poor of Calcutta. At one stage there is a poignant exchange between her and the commentator. He asks whether she does not find her work futile and hopeless given the immensity of the task facing her and the sisters. In her typically humble fashion she replies: “I was not called to be successful but faithful. Each one of us has something beautiful to do for God’” (T. Hudson, Signposts to Spirituality, p109). 
The steward of the estate in the ancient world, being himself a slave, acted as the agent of the owner. He was entrusted with everything by the owner and was made responsible for seeing that everything happened properly and on time. He had to be one hundred percent reliable and dependable. Should he fail in any way it was not only the master whom he failed – he let down the other slaves as well. 
The servants Jesus chooses are similarly required to be faithful. God entrusts his message to them and frequently the less glamorous responsibilities as well. Every believer has “something beautiful to do for God”. The test is always whether you are faithful in doing it – to the best of your ability and to the glory of God. People may admire your skills, or they may complain at your lack of them. But God judges you, not on your brilliance, but on your faithfulness. Will he have found you faithful? 

Lord, help me to be a faithful steward of whatever you commit to me.