“We wander from place to place”. 

1 Cor 4:11 GNB 

All of humanity seeks for a home that becomes their little spot on planet earth. If they can own it better still. There they can relax, eat, sleep and relate to others. There they can collect a few treasured possessions. It is a little environment they create to suit themselves and where they can feel comfortable. 
Once he started on his preaching and healing mission Jesus had nowhere to call his home. When he trained his disciples and prepared them for the mission they were to undertake when he had gone he told them that they too would be wanderers. Paul was the wanderer supreme. Once he left Antioch in Syria on his first missionary journey he became homeless, staying with converts to the faith and anywhere he could obtain night’s lodging. In one sense he was insecure. In another sense it meant that he built up a large collection of friends in the faith. Every stay was a pastoral visit and a mini church council meeting. It was an opportunity to build people up in the faith. 
The writer to the Hebrews said, “There is no permanent city for us here on earth” (Heb 13:14 GNB) That was a way of saying that our life on earth is only temporary, and further that we should not get too attached to our earthly goods. Our real home is in heaven. That is our permanent home. Not all Christian ministers roam as Paul did. Some have been known to spend a lifetime ministry in one place. But some move around constantly and never put down roots. Nothing is ever permanent but the love of God. 

Lord thank you for my home but help me not to become too attached to it.