“Do you already have everything you need? Are you already rich? Have you become kings, even though we are not?” 

1 Cor 4:8 GNB 

Some people “live like kings”. They love ostentation, luxury and stylish living. They dress well. They entertain. They make a show of their wealth and “live it up”. In a book about the life of a famous South African mining magnate, written about ten years ago, it was calculated that his life style led to expenses of five million rands a month. He had three private jet planes and eight luxury motor cars. 
The impression that the Corinthian Christians made on the apostle Paul was that they thought they were spiritual kings. They even “owned” the spiritual teachers who had spent time there. And some of their spiritual strength had trapped them into pride about their spiritual status and achievements. Maybe they thought they had everything they needed. It seems, from what Paul said, that they thought themselves somebodies. The real point is that those who are redeemed from terrible lives of sin often become rich spiritually, because the grace of God lifts them to heights they had never imagined possible. There is a sense in which they become kings because they “live and reign” with Christ. They might be kings, but Paul saw himself in another way – he was a fool for Christ. 
Acknowledge and rejoice in the spiritual wealth you possess. Christ enables you to explore “the unsearchable riches” which are his. But never become self-consciously wealthy in a spiritual sense. It will almost certainly lead to spiritual pride. And spiritual “one-upmanship” is nauseating, however normal and human it may appear to be on the surface. 

Lord, thank you for the grace you have lavished on me. Help me to be generous in sharing it with others.