“(But) you have been put right with God by the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God”. 

1 Cor 6:11 GNB 

On the 29th July 1981 Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, married Diana Spencer in London. The television broadcast went round the world. Prince Charles and his attendants went to the Cathedral in a royal carriage, escorted by military personnel who were at the disposal of the royal family. However, Diana rode in a carriage escorted by the Metropolitan Police who are London’s police force. The commentator explained, “When the bride returns she will ride with Charles in the royal coach. She goes a commoner. She comes back a royal”. The wedding effected a change of status for her. She had been accepted into the royal family. 
When Paul reminded the Christians at Corinth about their previous lives, and how steeped in sin they had been he said, three times over “But” and then indicated the change that believing in Christ had brought about. The fundamental difference was a change in status. “But now you are justified”. It means to be put into a right relationship with, and to be accepted by, God. Cleansing from sin and transformation in sanctification follow from this deep fundamental change in status. Formerly they had been out of favour with God, alienated, and adrift. Now they were “in” – in with God. And it was not anything they had done – it was the result of what Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit had done in them and for them. 
When you became a believer in Jesus he did the same for you. He changed your status before God, however good or bad you had been previously . 

Lord, thank you for putting me in a right relationship with you.