“If this were not so, their children would be like pagan children; but as it is, they are acceptable to God”. 

1 Cor 7:14 GNB 

Many years ago one of the major Christian denominations in South Africa found itself embroiled in an ongoing debate about infant baptism and a commission was appointed to study the whole issue and to come up with recommendations. Several leaders had become involved in the charismatic renewal and felt led to question that church’s traditional standpoint. Many opinions were bandied about, the Bible was studied, theological arguments were explained. Then a leading African minister said, “We (the African members of the church) will not change from our support of infant baptism. In our culture if a child is not baptized it is regarded as a heathen”. 
Parents in all religions want their children to accept their faith and to follow in their footsteps. Many parents feel that their faith is the most precious thing they can pass on to their children. The question arose in Corinth and Paul had to answer it. “If two people are married, one a Christian and the other a non-believer, where do the children fit in?” Paul’s reply followed his reasoning about husbands and wives and the solidarity of the family. “Just as the unbelieving husband is accepted in the believing wife, so the children are accepted in her too. God sees the family as one and the one person’s faith is good for the whole family”. 
This view of the solidarity of the family is a healthy corrective to the much weaker idea of family relationships that prevails today. Whatever your family situation might be, cultivate this feeling of solidarity to go with the doctrine. You are one. So become one! 

Lord, we will cherish our family ties.