“I am not going to let anything make me its slave”. 

1 Cor 6:12 GNB 

Many young people, when they have finished school, feel that they are now adults and have the freedom to “kick over the traces”. Some continue having a good time, whilst others sink into a progressive orgy of drunkenness, sex, drugs, and debauchery. Others settle quickly down to a new level of responsibility, opportunity and ever-increasing maturity. Both kinds are free – but they do different things with their freedom. 
Some of the Corinthian Christians were battling with the freedom their new-found faith afforded them. They thought that the spirit being superior to the body, that the body didn’t matter. So they could do with it whatever they liked. And they liked to indulge – in matters of food and sex. Paul’s teaching to them says “Yes you do have freedom. But some free persons become slaves to their bodily appetites. Both the appetite for food and its enjoyment are passing pleasures. So is sexual indulgence. Become the master of your own body and its appetites and let them bring glory to God. God raised Jesus and he wants to raise us up to a quality of life in keeping with the risen Christ”. 
The human body is a constant challenge to the Christian disciple, whether the believer is seventeen or seventy. In these affluent times it is all too easy to over-indulge in food and to give way to gluttony. And with sexuality screaming at us, daring us to “have a fling” and enjoy ourselves it is all too easy to “go with the flow” and do what the world around us is doing. That is not the way for the Christian who should be in control all the time. 

Lord, help me to be disciplined in all things.