“I, the Lord, have spoken”. 
Isa 43:12 CEV 

Today there are many “voices” that speak to us. There is the voice of science saying, “I have done wonderful things. When I have done a few more all the world’s problems will be solved”. The voice of economics proclaims, “Money is at the root of all human issues. Spread wealth everywhere and heaven will have arrived”. There is also fun. It says, “Forget all the stresses and strains of living and enjoy yourselves”. There is also power saying, “Power is the key. Whoever has the most power can control everything else. Get power and wield it”. 
Isaiah was writing during the period that the Israelites were in captivity in Babylon (modern day Iraq). It was about 550 B.C. The Babylonians had conquered Israel and taken most of her inhabitants off to slavery in Babylon . It had seemed like the end of the world for the Israelites. But now they were making a most wonderful discovery. The God who had known them and been their champion before was very much alive still, even in far-away Babylon. And unlike the lesser gods of other nations, including the Babylonians, he was alive and he spoke. And when he spoke he controlled history since he was the sovereign Lord God. And he not only called the shots of the Israelites – he controlled the destiny of other nations as well. When he said, “I have spoken” it meant he had acted decisively, and in their favour. He was the only God who really was a God at all! 
And he still orders the world, now, in the twenty-first century. Amongst all the clamouring voices he speaks. Listen for him in all the strife and stress. And worship him. 

Lord, let your voice be heard and your presence felt now and always.