“Some of you were like that. But you have been purified from sin”. 

1 Cor 6:11 GNB 

The gift of memory is one of life’s blessings. We can look back and think of the beautiful experiences we have enjoyed. We can give thanks for the good influences that have shaped us, the friends and teachers who have helped us on our way. And we can look back critically on mistakes we have made. We can also see the journey we have come. 
Paul invited the Corinthian Christians to look back on their pre-Christian life. The catalogue of gross sins he had reeled off applied to some of them. Until they came to believe in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Then they had made a break with those sins – of drunkenness, sexual abuse, perversions, theft, slandering and idolatry. In that way of life they had been lost. Then came the big “but” which changed everything. They had come to repentance, they accepted forgiveness for their sins and turned from their evil ways. They had done more than turn over a new leaf – they had known a new birth through the effect of the Holy Spirit in them and by the renewing and cleansing power of God in Jesus Christ. Now they were new people, children of God, and believers in Christ. As Paul himself put it in his second letter to the Corinthian believers “Anyone who is joined to Christ is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come” (II Cor 5:17 GNB). 
All Christian disciples should be new people. They should live as those who have left behind their evil ways and the gross sins of the decadent world. In this way they will proclaim Christ to the world. 

Lord, let me always live the new life in Christ.