“We never really know enough until we recognize that God alone knows it all”. 

1 Cor 8:3 EHP 

A youth once went away from home to a Christian youth camp. After a few days he had exhausted the pocket money his father had given him. It was long before the days of mobile (cell) phones and he sent a telegram home to his father. But no reply came. His friends said, “Does this mean that your father doesn’t care about you? If he did, he’d send you some more money”. The lad felt embarrassed as well as puzzled. In the end he said, “I don’t know. When I get home I’ll ask him”. Many of the queries we find cropping up baffle our minds. The only answer to some of them is that we will have to wait till we “get home and can ask our heavenly father”. 
The church in Corinth was full of problems. Most of them were about behaviour. Just what should a Christian do? Paul scratched his head, almost frantic with the complexity of a question about eating meat. All religions offered sacrifices of animals. The meat thus resulting was deemed to be dedicated to the god to whom it had been sacrificed. The Christians wanted to know if they could eat meat that had been offered to idols. Paul replied, “If it worries you and you feel guilty leave it alone. But if you understand that the idol is really nothing and that the meat that has been offered to one hasn’t been affected in any way, then go ahead and eat it. 
We still have to use the brains and the common sense God has given us, but we have to understand too, that we can never know everything. 

Lord, where I cannot understand, help me to trust you.