“Do not be afraid; you are my servant, my chosen people whom I love”. 

Isa 44:2GNB 

Despite all the wonderful inventions of modern science and the relatively sophisticated modern political systems we do easily give way to fear over what is going on in the world. Repeated warnings about carbon emissions and the possibility of climate change have caused a world-wide sense of apprehension about the reliability of nature. And every unusual climate event is taken by some to confirm these worries. The constant attacks by terrorist organizations – especially those in more advanced countries – are inclined to make us wonder whether this will develop into all-out war – or even a third world war. The massive population explosion makes some people worry about the difficulty of feeding so many new people – and the possibility of widespread social unrest that failure to do so could spark off. Could such an eventuality even lead to “food wars”? 
The exiles in Babylon were insecure. Far from home, and without the normal securities they would enjoy there, the news that Babylon’s near neighbour was waging war on a number of fronts must have worried them. They would have thought, “If the Persians come here, what will they do with us?” Into this situation Isaiah pointed them to God. God had created them. He had called them and cared for them down the centuries. They were his servant to proclaim his truth to the world. And he loved them. He was not about to abandon them now. He was going to go on loving and caring for them. 
We near to hear the same message. Predictions of some of the possible disasters may be exaggerated. They have been before. Solutions may be found to others. Fear not. God is still God. 

Lord, calm my fears about the future of the world.