“I am God and always will be”. 
Isa 43:13 GNB 

Many people misunderstand what and who God is. For some he is an intellectual problem. A mass of arguments about his existence lead to the idea that superb intellectual reasoning might help you to know God. Other people reckon that an abundance of spiritual disciplines is needed to get through to him and that if you work hard on them you’ll eventually “get him”. Yet others think that doing a lot of work for the church earns you favour in his sight.
The Israelites in Babylon couldn’t believe that when they trekked from Jerusalem to Babylon God was already there. The Babylonians had their own god and Babylon was his territory. No other god could operate there. They were in for a big surprise. The God who had appeared to Moses at the burning bush, who had overcome the might of the Egyptians at the time of the Exodus and who had spoken to Isaiah in the temple was there in Babylon with them. What is more he was now about to prove to them that these other nations’ gods didn’t even exist, that he was superior to all others and was about to step onto the stage of world history once more and release them to go back to Jerusalem.
Faith isn’t about ideas, results, theories, or proofs. It’s about meeting God, acknowledging him, submitting to him and entering into his life as a partner and a servant. Jesus Christ invites you, whom he meets face to face and claims as his own disciple, to surrender to him and follow him from your first meeting to your life’s end. If you haven’t already done so, won’t you do it now?

Lord, I submit to you, now and for ever.