“Here and now I will do a new thing; this moment it will break from the bud. Can you not perceive it? I will make a way even through the wilderness and paths in the barren desert”. 

Isa 43:19 NEB 

Have you noticed how things seem to go on and on as if they are going to go on and on indefinitely? Then, suddenly something changes and a whole new episode develops. Partitioned by the allied forces in World War II, Germany remained divided for forty years. Then, apparently from nowhere, a new mood took over in Europe – and the Berlin Wall came down, Germany was re-united and families could resume their normal lives, and the country found a way through the wilderness it had wandered in all those decades. 
In ancient Babylon the prophet Isaiah sensed God was doing his new thing in pointing to a way through the desert back to Israel for his people. He could see, as he studied current affairs, that a new imperial power was rising in the form of Persia. It was inevitable that they would soon turn their attention to Babylon and then – release their captive Israelites to return home. The military activity in Persia was all pointing to this scenario. 
Christian disciples often find themselves in a sort of Babylonian captivity and wonder how they can move forward to where they want to be and know they ought to be. If this is your situation, ask God to make a way for you through the desert that lies ahead. A merciful God, he is able to overcome the adverse circumstances that tie you down, and open new ground for you to move forward in faith and hope. 

Lord, make a way for me through the morass of adversity that lies in my path.