“The Lord says, ‘But you were tired of me, Israel; you did not worship me…Instead you burdened me with your sins; you wore me out with the wrongs you committed’”. 
Isa 43:22, 24 GNB 

Some think God is “there” to be their friend, or to be their teacher, or to be a policeman to them. If they get into trouble he is “there” to fix it for them, like having a friend on the inside of the police department who quietly goes and removes your docket while no one is watching. 
God’s relationship with Israel was based on a sort of contract called the “covenant”. He chose them and blessed them. He loved them, guided them and provided for them. They in turn were to obey his commandments and be loyal to him alone. They failed to live up to their undertaking. That means they sinned. Sin is breaking a relationship with God. The whole aspect of sin is one of the major themes of the Bible from start to finish. The Ten Commandments were the code understood in the Old Testament to be the basis of their relationship. In the New Testament Jesus made it the law of love. Faithful as God was in honouring his side of the agreement, Israel was faithless in hers. The people disobeyed the commandments in a big way. And many of them didn’t worship God at all. Some of them worshipped the gods of the Canaanites, the original inhabitants of Israel whilst the Israelites were in Egypt. 
It was this broken relationship that Jesus came to mend. And again the Israelites sinned by failing to respond positively to Jesus. Make sure that you understand this fundamental principle. Your duty to God is to worship him and to obey him . 

Lord, help me to obey, worship and serve you.