“I am the Lord who created you; from the time you were born, I have helped you”. 

Isa 44:2 GNB 

When adversity strikes we tend to get very downhearted. When we are ill we start wondering if it will deteriorate into something life- threatening. We dwell on negative things and magnify problems and disadvantages. We “think the worst”. If we have a financial loss we despair of our future security. If we suffer a run of bad fortune we being to think that the stars, the gods, or “they” have got it in for us. 
Things looked pretty bad for the Israelite exiles in Babylon. They had been conquered back in Jerusalem. Their homes had been destroyed. Their city had been laid waste. Their temple had been smashed to ruins and that had brought an end to the offering of sacrifices – an essential component of Israelite worship. Since not all Israelites had been exiled many of them would have been cut off from their wider families who remained behind. And they had to live in a foreign country – with foreign food and a foreign language. But it had not always been bad. Isaiah reminded them of God’s care for them. He had, by his own initiative, created them and called them to be his special servant. And he had nurtured their life from the cradle onwards. A friendly universe had been their environment, and it was the evidence of God’s care. 
It is easy to give way to depressive thinking when circumstances go against us. Then we lose our sense of balance and security. Like the exiles, it is wise for us too, to recall all God’s kindness and loving care down all the years. And Christ’s salvation. 

Lord, I recall the care and the blessings you have showered on me down the years.