“I have formed this people for myself and they shall proclaim my praises”. 
Isa 43:21 NEB 

People have a variety of ideas as to what the purpose of human life is. Some would suppose it is “to have a jolly good time”. Others would say that life should be lived with a sense of duty, of rightness and respect. Yet others would claim that you are here to make a pile of money and that those who do are successful while those who don’t are failures. Some would deem it to be about “making your mark” and “carving your niche”. A few might go for “serving others”, or “fulfilling your potential”. 
What did God call the people of Israel to be his special people for? It was to witness in all the world to him and to praise him. Some worshipped other visible gods and did obeisance to them. They were local, man-concocted and useless. The people who worshipped them were neither better nor worse for having worshipped them. The children of Israel were made holy by praising Jehovah God. It raised their quality of life, brought them together as a people and gave them a code of conduct which has proved to be the single most powerful influence in the history of humanity in terms of lifestyle and conduct. 
A group of Christian theologians once met and discussed what human life is about. They concluded that “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him for ever”. This is what Jesus tried to achieve in guiding us by means of the Sermon on the Mount and in all his other teaching. Knowing Christ as your Lord and Saviour will lead you to fulfil this purpose – and your own. 

Lord, help me to love and praise you all my life long.