“This is what the Lord says – he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters”. 

Isa 43:16 NIV 

When some people speak, the world listens. And some people’s words live on long after they are gone. When other people speak, no one listens because no one knows them. 
When Isaiah the prophet addressed the people of Israel during their exile in Babylon, he brought the message of God. So possessed by God and so inspired by God was he that when Isaiah spoke God spoke through him. There was a reason why Isaiah was bringing the word from God. The Lord had, some nine centuries earlier, delivered his people from their bondage in Egypt at the time of what is called the exodus. In rescuing them from Egypt, he parted the waters of the Red Sea so that they could pass through. Then, miraculously, the waters closed in and drowned the Egyptians who were pursuing them. The Israelites always saw this as a mighty act of God, as indeed, it was. And it gave him credibility whenever he spoke thereafter. They just had to listen. He who spoke with a mighty voice was the same as he who acted with a mighty arm. 
Christian believers treasure the words of Jesus. He came, he lived among us. He shared our sorrows, sweated our perspiration in the carpenters shop, fed the multitudes and opened the eyes of the blind. And he died a cruel death out of love for us. And he brought us salvation. His actions have spoken as loud as his words and we listen to him. In this troubled world his is the voice we most need to listen to and his words are the ones most worth hearing. 

Lord, help me to listen to you speaking.