“I myself have stirred Cyrus to action to fulfil my purpose and put things right. I will straighten every road that he travels. He will rebuild my city, Jerusalem, and set my captive people free”. 
Isa 45:13 GN 

There are many things that are wrong in this world. It is wrong that some should have much of this world’s goods and that many should have very little. It is wrong that the strong should be able to exploit the weak. It is wrong that some people should be born handicapped or deformed. It is wrong that some children should find themselves with no parents and with no love. It is wrong that there should be medical treatment to cater for diseases, but that only a few should able to afford it. And most people could name their pet wrongs which they would like to see put right. 
It is interesting that the prophet Isaiah should include the putting right of wrongs as one of the actions and roles of his special servant Cyrus. This means that he understands that God is concerned about wrong, and, in an ideal world, would appoint people to right the wrongs. 
Christian believers will pick this up, for today we live in a world with many wrongs. Some of these are personal and individual and others are social and communal. In some areas there are agencies and voluntary bodies who make it their business to work on righting specific wrongs. It is usually a long, hard, grinding slog. Many people make big money out of increasing some of the wrongs in the world, and so see nothing wrong in wrong! They want to magnify it and increase it. Make it your business to right the wrongs. 

Lord, help me to put right some of the wrongs.