“With a word of command I dry up the ocean. I say to Cyrus, ‘You are the one who will rule for me; you will do what I want you to do; you will order Jerusalem to be rebuilt and the Temple foundations to be laid’”. 

Isa 44:27, 28 GNB 

Isaiah, the prophet of the Israelite exile had a big God, and his God gave him a big dream. “Backward and forward, yesterday, today and for ever, Jehovah’s hand is upon history. He controls it; it is the fulfilment of his ancient purpose. By predictions made long ago and fulfilled today, by the readiness to predict today what will happen tomorrow, he is surely God and God alone. Amazing, that in that day of great empires, confident in their resources, … it should be the God of a little people, cut off from their history, weak and captive, who should take the big things of earth – Egypt, Ethiopia, Seba – and speak of them as counters to be given in exchange for his people. Who should speak of such a people as the chief heirs of the future, the indispensable ministers of mankind? The claim has two divine features. One, it is unique; no other religion, in that or any other time, has so rationally explained past history or laid out the ages to come upon the lines of a purpose so definite, so rational and so beneficent. Two, it has been vindicated: Israel returned to their own land, resumed the development of their calling and fulfilled the promise that they should be the religious teachers of mankind” (G.A. Smith, The Book of Isaiah, Vol 2, p160,161). 
Now the ascended Christ shares the throne with the Father and they still guide the destiny of nations. 

Lord, work out your purpose beyond the comings and goings of humanity.