“The Lord created the heavens – he is the one who is God! He formed and made the earth – he made it firm and lasting”. 

Isa 45:18 GNB 

There are many mysteries and many unknown factors in the universe and in human life. Normally we just take it all for granted and go about our daily work. We grow, we mature and we age, and finally die. And when we go, life just goes on. The universe is still there. The sun still shines, the moon still gleams, rain still falls and grass and plants grow. Humans eat of it and life is sustained. In the midst of all the uncertainty and the strange movements of humankind, life goes on because the universe is reliable. 
When Isaiah got the message from God in ancient Babylon that God was going to intervene in the human mess to repatriate the people of Israel to Israel, it was the reassurance that all he believed in was real and true. Human power structures rise and fall. But the earth is still in place, creation has not been reversed, and God is busy with his “turnaround strategy” for Israel. Human flourishing can happen because the creator has shaped a cosmic system that is totally reliable and friendly to humanity. The seasons come. Food grows. The planets go their way. And the years roll round. Isaiah rejoices that the earth is “firm and lasting”. 
So should we as Christian disciples. Problems arise. The human race develops with its technology and toys. People fall in love, get married and have children. And the world moves on. None of it could happen were the universe capricious and unpredictable. Under it all a loving God creates, preserves, saves, renews and guides. 

Lord, thank you for the structure of life on planet earth.