“I am the Lord; there is no other god. I will give you the strength you need, although you do not know me”. 

Isa 45:5 GNB 

In the normal course of things we only find the measure of strength we use when we are ill. If anyone asks you how you are today when you are recovering from a nasty dose of influenza, you will probably reply, “Feeling better, but I’m as weak as a kitten”. Then you know that your “get up and go” isn’t getting up. 
In this verse Isaiah was speaking God’s message to the Persian leader, Cyrus. He was building up towards making an attack on Babylon that, if successful, was going to release the Israelite captives and return them to their homeland in Israel. Unknowingly, Cyrus was becoming God’s servant, and he didn’t even know God. The military campaign involved would be a huge exercise and would need all the strength Cyrus could muster, both militarily and personal. War is not for cissies! And since he was going to promote God’s cause by it all, God would help him all he could. 
What a promise for Christian believers to hold on to – “I will give you the strength you need!” We always need God’s strength to accomplish the tasks that face us. We need that same strength in the spiritual campaign we are always engaged in, the warfare with Satan. Unlike Cyrus we do know the Lord, and that is our greatest help. In the Lord there are reserves to call on, and we know that we do not fight alone. Never let the forces ranged against you get the better of you – opposition, doubt, temptation, fear and guilt. Christ has the strength you need – and masses of it! 

Lord, I need your strength – today and every day.