“Turn to me now and be saved, people all over the world!” 

Isa 45:22 GNB 

A rabbi was once asked by a student in his class, “Please sir, what is the best time to repent and turn to God?” The rabbi thought for a moment and then replied, “About one minute before you die”. “But sir” the young man went on, “Nobody can know when they are going to die”. “Yes, precisely” said the teacher. 
Isaiah was not content to point out the pointlessness of idolatry. He was a preacher and he was preaching for a verdict. Calling on the Babylonians to forsake their useless gods he put it bluntly – “Turn to God now”. 
The whole of life changes when people repent and turn to Jesus Christ and make him the God and Lord of their lives. To repent means to re-think or to get a new mind, a new way of looking at the world. It involves revising your relationship to God in Jesus Christ, and saying o God, “From now on, I am finished with the ways that are offensive to you. I am forsaking those ways and seeking yours instead”. To turn to God means getting a new outlook on yourself as well. Most of us entertain an inflated idea of how good we are, how skilled we are, how clever we are, and how right we are. Turning to God means saying, “Lord, show me where I was wrong and make me humble, able to see myself in true and honest perspective”. Turning to God means putting yourself at God’s disposal to fulfil whatever kind of service he may demand of you, and he will most certainly require you to engage in some activity to bring glory to him. 

Lord, I turn to you. Show me your way from now on.