“(I will give you treasures from dark, secret places; then you (Cyrus) will know that I am the Lord, and that the God of Israel has called you by name”. 

Isa 45:3 GNB 

From time to time politicians try to frighten us into believing that we have enemies we never knew about. And since some nasty things happen elsewhere in the world, usually far away, and since some military power somewhere is usually trying to gain control in some region or other, it does sound feasible. We know that more goes on than we know about! 
The Persian Emperor, Cyrus had been busy carrying on one military campaign after another. He probably knew about the presence of the Israelites in Babylon, after all Persia was next door to Babylon. And Cyrus was obviously a very wide awake leader. But he could hardly have known about Israel’s God. Let alone that the God of this tiny and weak people was busy with plans to use him for purposes other than military conquest! In fact this mighty Emperor was just a pawn in the hands of Israel’s God and would soon move at the behest of the God he didn’t know. 
The world still has things happening that most people know nothing about, and that catch the world leaders, or some of them, by surprise. In this uncertain world deepen your faith in God, and sharpen your knowledge of his ways. Be aware that evil forces are always conspiring together to bring about change and assert their superiority, usually by force and destruction. Some are economic forces, some political, and some are even religious. Live with your ears and eyes open for negative spiritual forces. And walk ever closer to Jesus. 

Lord, let me cling to you in this dark and evil world.