“They will say that only through me are victory and strength to be found”. 

Isa 45:24 GNB 

Sometimes amazing claims are made for God. People who are successful in a worldly sense will say, “If you believe in God, and commit yourself to Christ, God will make you a successful businessman like me”. Others make promises of wealth, power, and sporting prowess. Sometimes techniques for “getting blessings” are offered. Evangelists in particular are inclined to boldly say that Jesus offers you happiness, health and success. 
There in Babylon Isaiah, a member of the defeated nation of Israelites, prophesied a time when people from all over the world would come and worship Jehovah God. He envisaged them saying that only through Israel’s God could victory and strength be found. It was a rather brash claim to make in view of Israel’s current situation when he said it! Yet countries do expect God to give them victory in war. They assume he is on their side. So do the other side as well. 
We often say that God is a God of surprises and sometimes, whatever people have expected and claimed of him, he produces some strange twists of fortune on the stage of world history. 
For individuals a more meaningful life is to be found in God – a life full of hope, courage, and purpose. Fellowship with Christ, and personal growth as a result of life together in Christ are further benefits. God is also a refuge to whom to turn in trouble. And always Christ invites his disciples to be ready to take up a cross when they follow him. For many that cross has led to the ultimate sacrifice. What do you expect to find in God? 

Lord, help me to find fullness of life in you.