“Jesus was in the back of the boat, sleeping with his head on a pillow”. 
Mk 4:38 GNB 

It is reported that an interesting incident took place in the cabinet room at 10 Downing Street in London shortly after Winston Churchill took over as Prime Minister during World War II. He described how the British and French armies were being pushed back by the German panzers. Thousands of tons of shipping were being sunk in the North Atlantic by German Uboats. Rommel was getting the upper hand in North Africa. The Americans were dithering about coming into the war. The litany of setbacks and problems went on and on. Eventually he stopped and there was silence as he looked round at the circle of glum faces. Then he broke his own silence. “Gentlemen”, he said, “I find it rather inspiring”. That soon changed things! 
Jesus was not perturbed by the winds and the waves on Galilee. His mind and his heart were set on the great mission he was about – his Father’s business. He would not be distracted by the temporary difficulties and accidents of living a human life on this planet. 
And Jesus is the calm in our storms as well. When we are worried by the political shenanigans being played out all around us he quietly prays to the Father for the state of the world. When wars rage and the foundations of the world appear to be shaking he carries on with his kingly rule. When currencies collapse, empires disintegrate, criminals threaten to cause havoc, and strong men quiver in fear, when society appears to be falling apart, and the church looks like passing into oblivion – Jesus is calmness, confidence and strength. Because Jesus is king. 

Lord, bring calm into my storms.