“The disciples woke him and said to him, ‘Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” 
Mk 4:38 NIV 

Fear is one of the most basic of human emotions. Our bodies can generate adrenalin in an instant – and that can prompt us to either fight or flight. It is a God-given defence mechanism to protect us in situations of danger. 
The disciples were in danger. Several of them were fishermen who knew all about the treacherous storms that were common in Galilee. They were surprised that, with the roar of the wind, Jesus didn’t wake up. No doubt too the boat was being tossed about. But he slept on. 
Their reaction was typical of our seemingly instinctive response to danger. We wonder why God can let such life-threatening factors happen at all. We are quick to blame him for them and equally quick to ask him to rescue us from them. 
In fact we are born into a world of risk and danger. The danger from wild animals has largely gone. But the “animals” have only climbed into motor cars which they drive at breakneck speed, causing havoc and injury. And when one dread disease gets conquered by the advance of science another one starts. Life is never easy. Nor is it ever safe. This fact is all the more reason for us to live by faith, to walk with God and to call on him in whatever crisis threatens us. By considering the recourse the disciples had in turning to Jesus we affirm our faith in him and his ability to save and help us. Yes, we may get alarmed, and not many of us could remain as calm as Jesus did, but we look beyond ourselves to his care and concern. 

Lord, show your care in all my crises.