“(Jesus) also said, ‘Take note of what you hear; the measure you give is the measure you will receive, with something more besides’”. 
Mk 4:24 NEB 

There is a sense in which faith can be thought of as something that happens to you. Since everything you have by way of faith is from God through his grace working in you it follows that God gives and you receive. Someone once said, “All I have to contribute to my own salvation is the sin from which God saves me”. 
In the words of Jesus recorded here by Mark, Jesus puts the emphasis on the part you have to play in your own faith. Although he was speaking to his disciples and telling them that they were to become sowers of the word and bearers of the light, Jesus tells them that a heavy responsibility rests on them to “listen hard”. In effect he says, “Don’t just let my message float into one ear and out of the other. Do something with it. Be active and take note of its meaning and importance. Let it grow you and let it grow within you”. Those believers and disciples who have not only heard but listened to the message of Jesus and have used it creatively and productively have received even more than they knew about. Furthermore they have been given even more – because they have opened themselves to the Holy Spirit and let him work mightily in them. 
Let your faith become an active participation in the grace of God and not just a passive receiving of a message. Let it stir you, move you, inspire you, shape you and increase your stature as a disciple and as a person. 

Lord, show me how to live in faith and increase my hold on the grace you impart to me.