“Then Jesus asked him, ‘What is your name?’ ‘My name is Legion,’ he replied, ‘for we are many’”. 
Mk 5:9 NIV 

A man once casually said to an acquaintance, “How are you?” And the friend replied, “Well, how much time have you got?” The implication was that he had many illnesses or problems that would take far too long to describe. And the truth is that there are people who are just a bundle of aches and pains, problems and troubles. There are some others who are hypochondriacs who just imagine illnesses that aren’t there but want the attention that telling their long story will get. 
The man in the tombs called himself “Legion”. No doubt a legion of the Roman army was somewhere in the vicinity. It consisted of six thousand troops. Does this mean the man thought he had six thousand evil spirits? Or was it a figurative way of saying that he was a walking civil war? By asking him, Jesus assumed that control which knowing a name was thought to convey. And the man thus submitted to Christ’s authority by telling him. 
Christian disciples will have sensitivity and compassion towards those people in their circle who have a multitude of problems. The most common ones are financial insecurity, frequently brought on by living beyond one’s means; relationship difficulties that come from conflict, poor communication, and lack of tolerance; work problems which threaten one’s livelihood as companies and other entities retrench staff due to difficult economic conditions; physical health issues; faith struggles; and eating disorders as overweight problems lead to other illnesses and are difficult to overcome. If you have a legion of problems let Christ take you over and work through them with his help and guidance. 

Lord, help me in all my difficulties and complex problems.