“The demons begged Jesus, ‘Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them’. He gave them permission, and the evil spirits came out and went into the pigs”. 
Mk 5:12, 13 NIV 

Authority is a peculiar phenomenon. Fifty thousand people may flock to a political rally in a football stadium. Outside, assuming it is well organized, there will be a huge police presence for the purposes of crowd control and they will exercise their authority by ensuring there is orderly admission into the ground. There will no doubt be singing and other entertainment and then political speeches. The main speaker will almost certainly be a highly-skilled orator who knows how to get a crowd worked up. By getting them emotionally roused and persuaded by his political message he will secure their votes in the forthcoming election. He will be exercising another level of authority altogether – far more subtle and persuasive than the police who guided them safely into the venue in the first place. 
Jesus gained the subtle influence over the demon-possessed man by learning his name. But then he took control of the demons themselves and ushered them away from the man and into the pigs. That was how the first-century observers saw it when the pigs went mad. Not too many people today would see the destruction of the pigs as having been caused by Jesus. In all likelihood (so we would say) the man screamed his head off and the pigs took fright. The point of Mark’s story is not the destiny of the pigs but the power Jesus exercised both over the man and over the legion of demons. Jesus is Lord over them all. 

Let him take control over every problematic area of your life too.

Lord, I yield every part of my life to you.