“(Jesus) got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, ‘Quiet! Be still!’” 

Mk 4:39 NIV 

In the south of England a fire broke out one evening in a military camp. The walls of the building were wooden and the heat from a coal stove had crossed some six centimetres of space and a protective asbestos sheet. Smoke was seen coming out of the outer wall but could only have been the inner wall smouldering. In panic the corporal in charge pulled outer boards off in order to get water into the fire. The hole merely let the wind in and the building was soon engulfed in flames. The appointed fire picket were long in arriving and their equipment failed to operate. Pandemonium ensued – and a big audience soon gathered. Then in the distance a bell was heard ringing and along came the civilian fire brigade. “Stand back, young man” commanded the officer in charge. Water hoses from the fire engine doused the flames and the trained experts grabbed their axes and chopped down timbers that were still smouldering. In any crisis authority and decisiveness can solve many problems. 
When Jesus called out to the wind and the waves he was exercising the same authority that God the creator had done in the Genesis story of creation. Then there had been the primeval chaos until God said, “Let there be light”. And he brought order out of chaos. Throughout the Bible this is what God does in one way or another. 
In the chaos of this present world ask God to impose his order. As the clash and clamour rage, don’t be panicked into thinking that God has forgotten his world. He hasn’t. One day he will be seen to reign again. 

Lord, impose your order on the present chaos.