“Even the wind and the sea obey him”. 
Mk 4:41 NEB 

Authority is relative. When the invasion of German-occupied France was being planned in World War II Winston Churchill wanted his (British) Army commander, Field Marshall Montgomery, to be the supreme commander. The American President, F.D. Roosevelt, would have none of it and eventually the American General, Dwight D. Eisenhower was appointed. Montgomery was furious and frequently criticized Eisenhower’s decisions. Eventually Eisenhower said, “Monty, just remember who you’re talking to. I’m your boss”. And sometimes men who command enormous undertakings at work are cleverly manipulated by their wives at home! 
One of the major themes running through the Bible is the sovereignty of God. He called the world into being. He ordered the affairs of kings and of peoples. He rescued his people from slavery from right under the noses of their overlords, the Egyptians. He raised up Cyrus the Persian who released them from bondage in Babylon. Now the disciples were seeing this authority in action through the person of Jesus. He had ordered evil spirits to come out of people. In the stilling of the storm Jesus showed his oneness with the supreme authority in the universe by commanding the wind and the waves, and they obeyed him. All this – and yet he would not use his authority to overthrow the Roman Empire. We see merely a partial aspect of Jesus if we only refer to his love. 
Human authorities only wield a relative amount of power. And then it is for a short while. The person who is President of a country is “top dog”, but loses that status when his term of office expires. He is then an ordinary citizen again. Enthroned in glory, Jesus is king. For ever. 

Lord, I bow before your surpassing authority and power.