“Jesus … said to him, ‘Come out of this man, you evil spirit!’” 
Mk 5:8 NIV 

Many people in this world have to give commands. Some commands are good. Some are bad. In World War II Adolf Hitler was frequently at odds with his army generals. He would issue a directive and, with their much better military experience and knowledge, the generals would advise against what he had decreed. He would then insist that they do what he ordered. And his commands nearly always turned out to be unwise. 
We do not normally think of Jesus as a man who ordered people around. We think of him talking, teaching, helping and healing. In this story of the healing of the Gerasene demoniac Jesus addressed the evil spirit in the man and ordered, “Come out”. We have to understand that Jesus came not only to love us but to embody in his actions and teachings the kingly rule of God. That is why the meaning of the kingdom of God was the main theme of Christ’s teaching. His healing miracles show us, and they demonstrated to the people of his day, that he was superior to the diseases and the demons that possessed people. In particular the demons were seen to have control over the people they possessed. Jesus impressed on everyone that none of them (i.e. the demons) had greater power than God. So Jesus didn’t parley, or negotiate, or come to an agreement with the spirits. He ordered them out. As the Lord of life he wanted to rid people of the things that reduced their lives to whatever was substandard living. 
Let Jesus rule in your life as well. Let him take control over every aspect and detail and let him reign supreme. 

Lord, have complete authority over every aspect of my life.