“When he saw Jesus from a distance, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him”. 
Mk 5:6 NIV 

In the old days of transport by steamship the Union Castle line operated a weekly service between Southampton and Durban. There was great excitement on a ship when it met and passed one going in the opposite direction. Passengers crowded onto the decks, everyone shouted and the ships both blew several times on their foghorns. But within seconds the other ship was receding in the distance and after a few minutes it was a speck on the horizon. Obviously it was all carefully planned but it seemed as if the two ships had been drawn to each other by almost magnetic influence – in the middle of nowhere. 
And in a similar but deeply spiritual way, Jesus and the demon-possessed man among the tombs were drawn to each other. The one had the power to renew, heal and recreate life. The other was in the tatters of torn clothing and mental derangement. Two people more dissimilar cannot be imagined. Fresh from stilling the storm on the lake, Jesus is now confronted by a perfect storm of a man. There was bound to be some dynamic interaction between them. 
Whatever your condition, physical health-wise, mental balance, or emotional strain, you too need to meet Jesus. Even if you are completely normal you still need to meet Jesus. If you are in any kind of trouble, anxiety, or depression you need to meet him. If you happen to be riding the crest of a wave and are on top of the world, you still need to meet Jesus. He will treat you with care and with strength and leave you with increased effectiveness. 

Lord, meet me where I am and fill me with your power.