“Whatever is hidden away will be brought out into the open, and whatever is covered up will be uncovered”. 
Mk 4:22 GNB 

We all enjoy being “let into the secret”. And we enjoy even more letting other people know that we know something they don’t! And if we really want to tease them we say “No, wild horses wouldn’t drag it out of me”. But constant reports in the media indicate that frequently there are untoward happenings – in government, business and sport – that point to mysterious happenings and often to mischief. Some secrets do leak out. Others don’t. 
At the time of Jesus the people of God – the Israelites – had drifted away from God’s purpose of salvation. Their faith had become a matter of obeying masses of rules and regulations and offering umpteen types of sacrifices to appease God when they failed. Jesus came to show another way – God’s way. Not too many were open enough to see Jesus as God’s great messenger and Son. But in his teaching, his life and his miracles Jesus was opening to them a new book – and in the process revealing God’s secret. Jesus was God’s secret. And the secret was that love, God’s kind of love, surpassed everything. It was the way of holiness, the way of truth, the way of life under God’s rule. And Jesus offered it to all people, irrespective of their birth. 
Jesus is still a secret hidden from most people. Those who scorn him suppose that they will be accepted by God after death if they behave themselves and do their best. The secret that God’s way of love through faith in Jesus is the way to eternal life is still true for you today. 

Lord, help me to know and live by the great secret.