“Night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones”. 
Mk 5:5 NIV 

It seems with increasing frequency that some madman goes berserk, gets a gun, and attacks a school or some place where there are plenty of people. Sometimes a hostage or two is taken, sometimes it degenerates into a wild shooting spree. Sometimes the police have to intervene to prevent even more bloodshed. Often the gunman himself gets shot. Ordinary people cannot fathom the depths of derangement into which a person descends to get to that place. Every such incident points to the fact that human beings are capable of amazing disintegration. 
The Gerasene demoniac provides an example of human disorder. It shows that the Bible is not just concerned with nice, pleasant, devout people but human nature as it is, the very good and the deeply disturbed. It does not cover up or hide the weak or unpleasant features of life as it is. Before the creation the world was in a state of chaos. The story of the stilling of the storm shows us nature in a similar condition. Now Jesus meets a person whose humanity is in chaos as well. The story of creation showed us God bringing order out of chaos. He did the same when confronted with a natural storm on the lake. Now Jesus turns his attention to a man whose mind and body are chaotic. 
Living in faith will help you to live a life of order and composure. Pressures can build up from adverse circumstances that can throw you into states of worry, anxiety, burnout and disintegration. Through faith you can keep a sense of balance. Christ can make you whole – and keep you sane. 

Lord, help me to be whole in the midst of chaos.