“They were terribly afraid and said to one another, ‘Who is this man? Even the wind and the waves obey him?’” 
Mk 4:41 GNB 

Few things are as confusing as religion. Yet six out of every seven people claim to have some form of religious belief. Sceptics think that the claims of religion are absurd and regard it all as “a load of hogwash”. 
When Jesus was alive it was very confusing for those who followed him. He was so totally different from the other religious teachers of his day. And when the disciples asked this all-important question it was a dark night, there were no lights out on the lake, and they had just avoided an accident that could have drowned them. The question they asked was the question that was crucial then and has been down all the centuries since. Who is Jesus Christ? They wondered if he was another prophet? Or may be another new teacher? Or was he the Messiah who would lead them out of subjugation to Rome? He had healed sick people, cast out demons, taught like no one else. 
And all whom he meets today, and who meet him are faced with this same question. “Who is this man?” It is much more than an intellectual question. It really means, “Who is he for you today?” Is he just a man who lived a long time ago and is now dead and forgotten? Is he a personal friend who is alive and walks with you every day? Is he someone you’ve heard others talk about and would like to know as well? Or is he the living God on earth who gave himself for you and now demands your soul, your life your all? 

Lord, help me to work out my answer to this question.