“When Jesus had again crossed over by boat to the other side of the lake, a large crowd gathered around him while he was by the lake”. 
Mk 5:21 NIV 

Popular people have to get used to being with crowds. Sports stars, pop stars and political leaders are always in the public eye when they are out and about. People notice them and want to be with them. Better still if they get their picture taken with them! 
Having left the area of the Decapolis Jesus returned to the north -west corner of the lake, somewhere near to Capernaum. Word soon spread that he was there, and the crowd gathered to watch, to listen and to witness. Much of Christ’s ministry was in relating to individuals. Sometimes he confined himself to the disciples. But sometimes he was there “for all the people”. However little they understood his person and mission, however confused they might have been about his relationship to the church of his day, they came wherever he was, drawn irresistibly, as moths to a flame. One of the reasons why he drew people was probably that they recognized him as one of themselves. He was a carpenter, a local boy who had earned his living by the sweat of his brow and the skills of his hands. Also he had something to say which they thought made sense – he talked about God. And he did things that showed God at work in his power and glory. 
It is important that the Christian community gathers still – its very gathering says to the world, “God is here and people want to meet Jesus”. Do all you can to publicize worship. Talk it up. Let others know that you value the message of the gospel of Jesus. 

Lord, by your magnetism draw the people to yourself.