“Then one of the synagogue rulers, named Jairus, came there. Seeing Jesus he fell at his feet”. 
Mk 5:22 NIV 

People who assume leadership roles in local Christian churches carry a big responsibility. Often, the smooth running of the congregation is as much due to the efficient management by the lay leaders as it is to the skills of the ordained ministers. They often take a huge load of concern off the shoulders of the ministers. And often they minister to the minister when the going gets rough. 
Jairus was probably the senior “ruler” or elder. If this all happened in Capernaum, as it almost certainly did, he would have known Jesus who had taught in the synagogue there. He was the administrative head, responsible for collecting the money – and no doubt paying the rabbi. He had to see that everything was done in good order. It was a highly responsible position, and one of great prestige in the community. By holding the position it indicated that Jairus was a really “together” man. He was in stark contrast to the man called Legion. He would have been held in high esteem by the people of Capernaum. In all likelihood he would not normally want to associate with Jesus who was something of an outcast and rebel in the eyes of the orthodox synagogue hierarchy. But he was desperate, with his daughter at death’s door. And he had heard plenty of stories about Jesus. He might well have been in the synagogue when Jesus healed a man there with an evil spirit – a story recounted by Mark in Mk 1:21. 
However important – or unimportant – you may be, come to Jesus with whatever need may be bugging you. And fall at his feet, like this man. 

Lord, I too fall at your feet and crave your mercy.