“(Jesus) said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering’”. 
Mk 5:34 NIV 

Peace is a word we use is many circumstances. When a war is over we sometimes say, “Peace broke out”, the same form of words we use when war breaks out. Then when a storm is over and the rain has fallen and the wind dies down we say, “It’s so peaceful”. If we are being harassed and finding things a strain we say, “I must get away. I need an hour’s peace”. 
Jesus’ final word to the sick woman was, “Go in peace”. On the occasion of rising from the dead and visiting his disciples in the upper room his first words were, “Peace be with you”. “Peace” was the normal greeting in Hebrew in Christ’s day. But coming from his lips it meant infinitely more than “Hello” means today. It referred to the wholeness of God’s blessing. More than the absence of strife, it meant well-being, soundness and even prosperity. “‘Peace’ is synonymous with ‘salvation’. It does not indicate peace of mind, but the objective standing of a person who, although he may be in the midst of storm and strife, has been restored to a proper relationship with God” (E. Schweizer, “The Good News According to Mark” p118). Her relationship with God was now whole. Her relationship with the community was now whole. And she was whole – Jesus, who had made her whole, said so. 
And “Go in peace” is Christ’s word to you too. Whatever has been bugging you, however you have been “out of sorts” spiritually, in whatever way you have been out of tune with God, or out of kilter with your church community, he says, “Go in peace”. 

Lord, let me always know your peace and wholeness .