“Go home to your own folk and tell them what the Lord in his mercy has done for you”. 
Mk 5:19 NEB 

Many attempts have been made to reduce the Christian religion to something extremely simple. Most of them have failed. Although a very simple person may have faith in Jesus and be a wonderful disciple, there are many aspects to the faith, enough to confuse the deepest minds. 
Jesus, in his instructions to the man who had been possessed by the legion of demons, put his finger on the central factor of it all. Whilst we would be inclined to emphasize the element of Christ’s power and authority in the healing, Jesus told the man that God in his mercy had done it. The man hadn’t deserved it, earned it, or worked for it. It was an act of sheer grace on God’s part. What is more the mission of witness that Jesus was sending him on was also an act of grace. No human being is ever able or worthy to serve Christ. That he calls us and appoints us to lead, to teach, to preach, to handle God’s money or play and sing God’s music – all this he enables us to do because, despite our sinfulness and unworthiness to do anything for him, he covers us in his grace. He accepts our service and our acts of love because in his grace he accepts us and in doing so elevates the things we do to the level of worthiness and honour. 
You never put God in your debt by obeying him and bringing glory to him. In his grace he works in you and through you so that everything is from him and for his greater glory. 

Lord, thank you for accepting and using me by your grace.