“The man who used to have the mob of demons in him … was sitting there, clothed and in his right mind”. 

Mk 5:15 GNB 

The story is told of two Yorkshiremen who were one evening sitting in a place associated with liquid refreshment. They were discussing the parlous state of the world and both agreed that things were bad. After a silence, the one said, “Ay, it’s real bad, Bert. Sometimes I think t’whole world’s gone mad, except me and thee. And sometimes I’m not too sure about thee”. Plenty of knowledgeable people would regard the world today as being mad. So many problems abound to cause alarm and fear, most of them seemingly intractable. And everybody, it would appear, is blaming everybody else. In fact the man with the legion of demons who met Jesus might be a miniature picture of today’s world. 
If we think a little, it “may come as a challenge to our Christian witness. In how many ways are people, individually and corporately, living lives which, in one form or another reflect the particular elements or the overall state of the man called Legion? Jesus was exposed to such people and needs by his wandering presence. He was ready for the necessary confrontation between good and evil that a captive might be set free. At political, social and economic structural levels, as well as in cultural, family and individual areas of life, the demonstration of the power of Jesus to set free through his disciples is still awaited while too often the disciples are hidden away in our churches or comfortable subcultures” (D. English, The Message of Mark, p112). 
How can you involve yourself in the world’s chaos so as to bring order for Christ? 

Lord, help me to create order in your world.